Committee on Peace, Religious and National Reconciliation

    Chamber of Committee: 

    To which shall be referred all proposed legislations, messages, petitions, memorials and other matters relating to the work of the committee, as follow:

    • All issues as relates to national reconciliation generally;
    • Coordination of the positions and activities of the leaderships of the three branches of the Liberian Government and government agencies in the search for peace and national reconciliation
    • The role, effort, contributions of and coordination with and among states, national, regional and international governments and non-governmental bodies in promotion of peace and national reconciliation. Particular attention shall be paid to the work of diplomatic representations of states, the ECOWAS, African Union, European Union, International Contact Group on Liberia and the United Nations Mission in Liberia and other UN agencies on peace and reconciliation;
    • The effective work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to the extent of the Commission’s mandate (s) of other related national bodies; training, sensitization and public awareness and other activities for the building and strengthening of capacity and peace constituency within the legislature;
    • Resolutions, position statements and declarations of the House on the peace process and national reconciliation;
    • All other matters dealing with the resolution of the Liberian violent conflicts in the country and the West African sub-region which impact on Liberia;
    • Maintenance of legislative oversight on genuine peace in Liberia, of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and other matters affecting peace, stability and reconciliation in Liberia and the sub-region.