Thomas P. Fallah

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Date of Birth : May 24, 1970
Place of Birth : Not available
Marital Status : Married, with four (4) children
Representation : District # 5, Montserrado County

Education: Candidate for Master, Public Administration (MPA), Cuttington University Graduate School; Bachelor of Arts (BBA), Management, African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU)

Professional Experience:
Hon. Fallah, 42, prior to his election, served as General Coordinator for the Liberia Pit Sawyer and Forest Product Dealers Association, as well as Chairman of the Light Brothers Wood Association, from 2000 to 2005.

For the last five years, Hon. Fallah has served as Chairman for the Board of the Liberia Pit Sawyer and Forest Product Dealers Association.

In 2008, Hon. Fallah established the Thomas Fallah Institute of Vocational Education (T-TIVE).

From 2005-2011, Hon. Fallah served as Representative for District # Seven (7) of Montserrado County and is currently the Representative of District # five (5) for Montserrado County.