House of Representatives

According to the Constitution of Liberia, members of the House of Representatives are elected for a six year term by the registered voters of each of the legislative constituencies in the counties. The membership of  the House of Representatives, currently 64, reflects the population of the country and can change after each census. With the 2011 elections, nine members will be added to the House of Representatives. These new members will represent citizens in counties that have seen an increase in population size in recent years. The members elect a Speaker, who serves as the presiding officer of the House of Representatives. Whenever the House of Representatives and the Senate meet in joint session, the Speaker will preside over the session. 

House Directory: 53rd Session

Name Constituency Phone Office
Samuel Gayah Karmo Bomi #1 0886205334
J. Alex Tyler Bomi #2 0886511688 / 05511688
Haja F. Siryon Bomi #3 0886580493
Tokpah J. Mulbah Bong #1 0886-556412
Prince K. Moye Bong #2 0886-574978
George S. Mulbah Bong #3 0886-513873
Lester M. Paye Bong #4 08860-513271
Edward Kafia Bong #5 0886-547600 / 076278697
Adam Bill Corneh Bong #6 0886-478563
Corpu G. Barclay Bong #7 0886-517563