Committee on Foreign Affairs

    To which shall be referred all proposed legislations, messages, petitions and memorials as follows:

    • Liberia’s relations with foreign nations, non-governmental organizations, including United Nations and its Specialized Agencies, the AU, ECOWAS, Mano River Union, the EU and other international agencies;
    • Treaties, executive agreements and international conventions, excluding trade agreements;
    • Boundary questions between Liberia and other nations;
    • Protection of Liberian citizens in other countries;
    • Neutrality, intervention abroad, and Declaration of war;
    • Measures relating to diplomatic, consular and foreign services, foreign and domestic;
    • International conferences and congresses;
    • Acquisition of land and/or building for diplomatic missions in foreign countries and in Liberia;
    • Measures intended to foster economic cooperation for diplomatic missions in foreign nations and to protect Liberia’s interests abroad;
    • Foreign Policy matters;
    • Foreign loans, grants and assistance;
    • Nominations of delegates to present the House at conferences abroad, subject to approval, modification or rejection by the full House after consideration on the Committee’s report.