Committee on Ways, Means and Finance

    To which shall be referred all proposed legislations, messages, petitions, memorials and other matters relating to the work of the committee, as follows:

    • All appropriations of the revenue for the support of the Government;
    • All matters relating to the finances of the House, preparation of the House’s budget and the custody and disbursement of the House’s funds subject to the approval of the Speaker or Deputy Speaker;
    • Consideration and evaluation of the National Budget and the handling of hearing on the said budget as a whole with particular reference to the basic recommendations and budgetary policies of the Government of the Republic of Liberia;
    • Domestic and International Finances;
    • International financial and monetary organizations;
    • The national budget, customs, revenue and tax policies and licensing generally;
    • Public expenditure and debt services;
    • Present to the House written financial report every (3) three months;
    • Nomination of Director of Finance to the House;
    • Evaluate and initial all checks, vouchers and related financial documents emanating from the House.


    House Bills Assigned to This Committee: